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~Schedule is Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday 8:30-4:30pm. Thursday, &Friday 8:30-2pm with extended time options as long as I coordinate after-school chauffer duties for my son.   Premium additional $20 rates apply for weekends and evenings.


~I am current with my covid booster shots and will wear a face mask in your space.


~I encourage you to be there during the initial organizing process so I may efficiently create the best systems for you and explain the logic. If this stresses you out, then of course I can explain it all to you when complete.

~My goal is to maximize the time there with your customized project goal. I’ll do everything I can to utilize what you already have before suggesting to purchase organizational bins or supplies. This is usually discussed during the consultation. I prefer if you not buy any organizing systems until you are satisfied with the flow of each area. 


~If your project space needs to be wiped down, vacuumed, cleaned, I can do that upon your request and will bring the necessary supplies. However, cleaning time will take up my organizing time which I am charging you an hourly rate. So if you'd like me to primarily focus on organizing, save your money by doing that part while I'm there or after I leave.

~ My businesses has a high referral that reflects my efficiency. Time management, problem solving, and adaptability is definitely a skill that organizers fine tune.

~For payment methods - 1.4712% tax will be added. I accept cash, checks, Venmo, and Paypal. 

*Venmo has a 1.9% service fee. Credit card payments will have a 2.95% service fee through Paypal.

Modern Home

Services & Rates

~There is a 3 hour booking minimum for organizing services. Payment is due at the end of each day unless discussed.

~ There will be an additional $20 fee outside of the Honolulu area for gas, etc. 

~ Additional $20 premium rate apply for weekends and evenings.


Free half hour call or video consultation

Declutter/Organize - $65 per hour – sort/purge, keep/store, toss, or donate. Create a system that fits your space and lifestyle by focusing on one room/area at a time. Safely store items considering environmental elements.


Biweekly or monthly refresh/follow-up – Hourly rate will range $40-$50 depending on needs (2 hour minimum per visit) - Client explains what areas of priority. Average request is biweekly or monthly for working parents and multi-generational homes. Weekly for small business owners who wear multiple hats in their company. 


~ A helping hand while sorting through personal items after the loss of a loved one.- $50 per hour


Digital organization - $75 per hour – organizing apps, folders, documents, converting photos to digital images. 


Moving – $75 per hour per person. Are you moving house or a business and feel overwhelmed with the process? I can help you get your things out of boxes and into new functional systems!​


  • Bedroom- utilizing space in dresser, closets, under bed, etc

  • Home office

  • Kid’s room- age appropriate arrangement. Storage system

  • Kitchen- counters, cabinets, pantries, drawers

  • Living room, dining room, bathroom, laundry room, garage–functional placement

  • Storage/closets – conducive to lifestyle


  • Supply room

  • Paperwork/file

  • Desk configuration

  • Communal spaces

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