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Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have done a poor job taking the before and after photos to show you how my organizing can transform a space. I dont mess around when I say I am creating organizing solution options for my clients and forget the before pictures. Then I am timelining how long it will take me to pick my son up from school so forget the after photos. Alot of these photos you see below are from my clients who nicely emailed me their photos! I really will try to take more of these before and after photos.

* You may read reviews left by clients on my About Me section, Yelp, and Google

202404 Susan (2).jpg
202404 Susan (3).jpg

Before & After

This client was overwhelmed with emotions to unbox and organize decades of belongings but now has a relaxing living room to enjoy leisure time.

202404 Susan (1).jpg

Sorting/purging through the mounds of 1st year baby esssentials that this family outgrew.

Before & After

Organized this studio apartment after the sudden work from home orders during the pandemic. 

20230707_074631 Website.jpg
20230707_143552 - Website_edited_edited_

We broke this project up into 1-2x a week for 3-5 hours within 3 months because it was very emotional to go through these items. Avoidance was her coping mechanism but found the courage and we are heading through the really heavy stuff soon.

This client texted me that she now enjoys being in her home.

20240306 (3).jpg
20230707_143614 website.jpg

Before & After - We discussed kitchen use then I created a manageable flow. The painters tape is temporary until this client gets used to the changes.

Before & After

This client wanted to transform this storage room into a guest bedroom for family and friends that visit the island.


Before & After

This client visioned herself creating art masterpieces in this extra bedroom but things got a bit chaotic which blocked her creativity. 

I stacked her cube shelves to categorized her art materials in, reorganized her closet, switched the desk because she needed more table space to work on.

Ta Da! She is so happy to be feeling those creative juices flowing again!


Created a closet system that "flows" with this clients lifestyle,


Before & After

This family has both parents working full-time careers with 3 baseball loving children of different age groups which means A LOT of after school and weekend practices & games! So their house was put on the very bottom of the priority list and explains the multiple years of toys, etc that stayed in front of the TV.

*We are in process of organizing the entire house to "flow" with their current lifestyle demands.

20240522_Back Room (3).jpg
20240522_Back Room (6).jpg

Before & After

Multi-generational home where no one wants to touch another persons items but it came to a point that no one knew what belonged to who.  




This clients seasonings were everywhere in her kitchen so I designated this drawer as her main spice drawer.


Before & After of clients linen closet that has not been maintained since his wife past away.

We are working on creating a home for current lifestyle and to have future family gatherings back in this home.

2018-10-15 07.24.39.jpg

Organized this toddlers closet by size

20230914  (1).jpg
20230914  (2).jpg

Before & After - This client could not park their cars in the garage. We were able to utilize all shelving and storage that they already had to achieve clients goal! They didnt need to buy any new shelving, etc


Assisted this persons move into a smaller apartment which can be a difficult task to do alone.

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