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My name is Sophia Makaimoku. Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii where I lived most of my adolescent years until I hopped over to Oahu in 1996. I'm definitely a people person that enjoys building long-term relationships, also known as traditional "ohana" relationships. From a very young age, I would notice the little details and rearrange a rooms “flow”. Throughout my life, I have been called the pro-organizer, OCD, coordinator, and planner because I found satisfaction coordinating events or organizing my family and friends homes or offices. Fast forward to recent years when I became a mother, I rearranged my son’s room after the newborn phase, crawling stage, and now onto school/sports life shuffle.


Then there came a moment of understanding that this is a specialized skill requiring a unique attention to detail, out-of-the-box problem-solving, as well as an educated understanding in the psychology of organization. Ive created Organizer Concepts not only as a way to support my family financially but also because I find joy in finding organizational solutions that helps others improve everyday life. Providing this service has become so gratifying and many of my clients have said our sessions are like therapy but better because we organize their lives as we discuss life lessons and share life tips  and tricks! Grateful is the word that comes to mind because these businesses allow me to develop positive relationships and help others with a schedule that allows me to be there for my son's afterschool activities, etc.

I hope you can get a "feel" on my personality and approach to organizing as you read through my website. No matter what, I want you to be excited for the completion of your projects.... I always am! I love seeing the transformation of houses, apt, garages. There will also be a transformation within you as I help organize your space so you rediscover enjoyment within your space! My motto is to find balance with all the changes in every stage and chapter of life.  Intentional behavior = intrinsic goals = quality life!


A random tidbit about me, I absolutely love traveling and love love the personal growth with every experience. I am also passionate about philanthropic efforts and have volunteered with organizations such as Malama Maunalua, 808 Cleanup, Surfrider Oahu, Hawaii Blood Bank, Hawaii Jewelers Association, Jewelers For Children, Salvation Army, Make-A-Wish Hawaii, Hawaii Food Bank, Big Brothers and Big Sisters Foundation, and Waikiki Health.


My son and I are creating ways to raise money for good causes, and for now, I have these red wish bracelets for sale @ $8.00!  All proceeds will be donated to Hawaii Food Bank as they have the greatest need at this time.

*If you know of a non-profit that could benefit from my services, please let me know so I may volunteer!

My Clients Say

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Omg  you’re the best!!! You saved me this holiday season lol! I can’t believe you transformed those 2 crazy rooms to what it is now! All in like two days 

For anyone that’s hesitant to call Soph, don’t be! Her services are life changing! At least for me it is! 

Elena - Mother & Business owner

You got it right, you're a super organizer in especially in paperwork!!! Dacrippsta

Dale - Father of 2 & Business owner

Aaaah!!! Yeah u always organizing for people! Even when u on vacation and visiting! 🤣🤣 will never forget how organized my pantry was when I came home from work in Japan! 

Eileen - Mom of 2 & Full-time work

Post renovation junk just piled up over years...Sophia sorted the good from the donations and helped me clean up what was badly needed. Being a single guy makes it hard to see things from a woman's point of view...just saying...I look forward to my round two ...

Wayne - Business owner

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